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Jake Tribute

"The animals in our lives are magnificent teachers. I would not be a professional Animal Communicator if it were not for the guidance and insistence from my very special companion dog, Jake. He told me I was going to do this professionally. He told me when it was time to teach others about animal communication through classes. He then informed me when it was time to create my apprenticeship program to develop new Animal Communicators. And, he continues to help me create new classes to meet the needs of all people. He has not only touched my heart deeply but has profoundly touched the hearts of many students. For Jake, I am eternally grateful." -Terri

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Tribute to Jake

Educational Workshops

Animalwize Podcasts    

These short and informative educational presentations were conducted live as Tele-Talks and can now be purchased to download for your listening convenience. The price of each talk is $25. Simply click on the "Purchase Now" button and you will go to the shopping cart. A link to the MP3 file will be emailed to you upon purchase. Simply click on the link, download the talk, and enjoy!

Understanding the World of Dogs
Learn about life from the dog's perspective. Why do they sniff so much? How do they perceive humans? What does it mean when they stare at you? And more!

Understanding the World of Cats
Learn about life from the cat's perspective. Why do they walk away from you when you are connecting with them? What is it like to spend life living inside a house? How can you help them not be bored?

Understanding the World of Horse
Learn about life from the horse's perspective. How do they perceive you? What is it like to have a human riding them? Is there a reason they misbehave during training or a show? Guest co-presenter: Pam Baca, Animal Communicator & Horse Lover

Understanding the World of Smaller Critters
Learn about the unique perspectives of other animals such as rabbits, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, rats, turtles and more. Begin to journey into their world via their eyes in order to have a better relationship with them. Why do they do what they do? Guest co-presenters: Bev Endsley, Rabbit Lover and Brenda Sandoval, Hedgehog Lover

Improving Animals' Lives
This talk will address many of the requests that animals make of their human companions to get the best out of their lives. Learn to enjoy life more through the guidance of animals in your care. Tips on the small things you can do for improved quality of life.

Enhancing Your Dog's Nutrition for Better Health
What food should you feed your dog? This brief talk will provide simple and easy steps to improve the quality of nutrition for your dog's body and mind. Guest co-presenter: Dr. Holly Foster

Enhancing Your Cat's Nutrition for Better Health
What is best for your cat to eat? How do you get your cat to eat healthy? This brief talk will provide simple and easy steps to improve the quality of nutrition for your cat's body and mind. Guest co-presenter: Dr. Laura DeLoatch

Helping Your Elder Animals
Explore the options for keeping your aging animal companions comfortable. Build your veterinary medical support team. Increase your knowledge about death and dying to provide a loving, quality life to the very end.

Household Harmony with Various Animals
Have you added a new family member? Have you merged two families? Do you wonder why everyone isn't getting along? Learn how changes in the household feel to the animals you love and get tips to make it comfortable for each member of the family.

Animalwize Newsletters

Terri provides complimentary newsletters with animal wellness information, animal resources and products, and details on classes and events. You can access all past newsletters in this archive. To be included in receiving future newsletters, go to the Contact Terri page and join the email list.

Dolphin Splendor - Swimming with Dolphins in the Wild

2012 marked the year of a dream come true for Terri... she offered her first trip to swim with dolphins in the wild! It was a spectacular time and will hopefully be an annual event. The trip sells out quickly so be sure to contact Terri about your interest for this year or next year and she'll put you on the priority hold list.

This amazing week long journey is in cooperation with WildQuest, a company that provides loving experiences celebrating the human-dolphin connection. Participants will enjoy daily trips out to sea, delicious meals, comfortable lodging, interactive fun, and unique guided experiences by Terri.


Bimini, Bahamas April 22-28, 2018 Wild Quest - The Human-Dolphin Connection $1,895
Taking reservations now for 2018!

If your heart desires to meet the dolphins and this trip date doesn't work for you, please contact Terri. More trips are being planned.

Request More Information

"I had a great time and have so many reasons why... The WildQuest staff were all very pleasant and helpful, the food was delicious, Terri's enthusiasm and the informative animal communication sessions were fun, the face time with the dolphins and watching them was a high, and the people in the group were terrific. Becoming part of a pod and making new friends is truly special. I am definitely going on this trip again!" Diane Kraft, Colorado

IRELAND - Ancient Wisdom, Modern Blessings

June 16 - 26, 2018

Contact Terri for further info and to register.

A journey to enlighten, enrich and nourish your soul!

Amantha Murphy, Celtic and Shamanic teacher Terri O'Hara, Animal Communicator, will host a women's group to travel to the magical isle of her roots. This unique vacation offers you the opportunity to experience a cultural and mystical tour to enjoy sacred sites in Ireland, while learning ways to empower yourself with ancient wisdom. During this unique and customized trip you will expand into new ways of being. We welcome in your spirit guides, animal companions and the magic of the Faerie Kingdom.

This exciting trip offering a transformative journey of outer adventure and inner exploration is led by Amantha Murphy, Celtic and Shamanic teacher. Amantha began her professional spiritual work in 1971 as a clairvoyant and moved on to trance mediumship. She works with both individuals and groups, at home in Ireland and internationally.

This trip is for those who believe in the magical and mystical aspects of life. Dreamers, like you, who dream of far off places, forgotten by time, but where spirit so visibly resides. We invite you to open your heart, your mind and all of your senses to the healing of the sacred sites and the wisdom that awaits you during this loving and unique tour with Terri and Amantha.

Contact Terri for itinerary and all details. Space is limited to a small group of 9 women in order to enhance your personal experience.


Costa Rica - Animals & Adventures!

Next trip date to be determined - contact Terri with your interest

Join Terri, with other animal loving people, on a fabulous journey to the southwestern shores of Costa Rica. This is a region of distinct natural beauty where forest covered mountains rise up from the dramatic Pacific coastline. The rainforest and ocean merge together to form a special ecosystem abundant with life and energy. This unique location offers a wonderful variety of wildlife in a beautiful natural habitat.

You will have a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with local animals under the guidance of Terri as a professional animal communicator. The trip is organized by Global Journeys - a company with years of experience taking small groups to Costa Rica. Please see their website for Terri's trip details and registration.

Comments from participants...

"I absolutely loved everything. Terri was wonderful with her time and help in animal communication. The accommodations were lovely and the food was very healthy. The way Kay and Franco of Global Journeys handled so many people with grace and ease is amazing." V.S., Batavia, IL

"Everything was more than I expected or anticipated, we were always thrilled with the happenings, hikes, animals & nature. I also felt honored that we could give back to nature and the country thru ASANA, what a privilege to help. I was also thrilled with all the fun activities, we coudn't have fit anything else in and yet we still had time to reflect and breathe. Everything was perfect and spectacular!" S.T., Portland, OR

"Every meal was delicious and accommodating to all! There was not anything I did not like or enjoy! It was a joy to meet Jack, of the Hacienda Baru! I gained the beauty of each day and all the possibilities that came with that day. :) Stopping, breathing, and taking in the beauty, then letting the magic happen. I had a MARVELOUS TIME!!" M.F., Denver, CO

Be The Best Human You Can Be - MORE Advice From The Animals

This class is for YOU! Animals offer such wonderful wisdom about their lives with their human friends. Have you ever wondered if you are doing right by your beloved animal companion? Or, curious what wisdom they have for you? Well, this exciting class is an opportunity to learn about caring for your animals to meet their specific needs. You will hear from your own animal friend at home (via photo) on ways to improve life together. The wisdom they share for your life growth may surprise you!

Terri is returning to Colorado to bring more wisdom from animals. She will expand upon this class from last year.

2017/2018 Schedule:

Littleton, CO

Future Dates To Be Announced Happy Dog Ranch $75

Contact Terri if interested in this class


You Want Me To Do What?
- Cooperative Accomplishments With Your Animals

During this 3 hours we will explore why animals behave the way they do and what you can do to help them improve on behaviors. This, of course, includes what to do to improve on the human behaviors as well! There will be opportunities to bring your specific questions for animals at home to be used as examples for discussion. THIS CLASS IS NOT A "HOW TO TALK TO THE ANIMALS" class so no experience is necessary in that realm.

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your classes. I didn't know what to expect, but the entire weekend turned out to be magical on so many levels. In the "You Want Me To Do What?" class, I especially appreciated the exercises that helped us understand our animals and how to deliver messages to them so they understand us! Thanks for what you do and who you are...great to be around your loving energy." -Regina Benjamin, New Jersey

Future Dates To Be Announced
Contact Terri if interested in this class.

Animal Chat — Level 1 Class

This workshop invites participants to explore the world of animal communication. Experience opportunities to increase understanding of animal's awareness, energies, and feelings, while beginning to practice animal communication skills. The purpose of this unique learning opportunity is to improve the connection with the animals you love and take your relationship to a deeper level of understanding.

"When I first heard Terri was doing a show on KGOAT radio, let's just say I was skeptical about what she did. But after hearing the show I was interested. Now three years later and after several sessions with Terri and our dogs, I decided to take the beginner's class to try to learn myself. The class was so enjoyable I was sorry to see it end. Now I'm looking forward to the intermediate class!" —John O'Brien, Colorado

Future Dates To Be Announced
Contact Terri if interested in this class.

Animals as Teachers — Level 2 Class

This training is offered to people who have already attended the introductory workshop, "Animal Chat" (or have taken a similar seminar). The day includes opportunities to dive deeper into the spiritual aspect of animals, learning how animals serve as our teachers, and improving personal ability to actively communicate with domestic animals and connect with nature.

"I am so glad I took your Level 2 class. I wasn't sure what I would learn, but the experience was exhilarating! I am amazed at what I learn each time I interact with our animal friends. They truly are our teachers, as well as our companions and our healers. The opportunity to have had a Wildlife Center share their inhabitants with us was incredible. I am so thankful to you for sharing your gift with me and showing me how I too can communicate with our two and four legged friends. This whole process has touched my heart, and I'll never be the same. I feel so blessed!" -Pam Ward, Oregon

Future Dates To Be Announced
Contact Terri if interested in this class.

Animals and HumansThe Journey - Level 3 Class

For students who have attended "Animals as Teachers" - Level 2 class. This training is offered to students who wish to continue learning from and about animals. The day includes improving communication skills, understanding personal blocks, overcoming individual challenges, welcoming an animal spiritual teacher, and learning from an exciting variety of animals.

"Thank you for an absolutely amazing day. It was really magical. Thank you for creating an excellent learning environment, providing relevant and useful information, assisting us to be more conscious of our senses, and building our skills and confidence. Everything was wonderful in helping us deepen our connection with the animals." -Jai Jamison, Oregon

Future Dates To Be Announced
Contact Terri if interested in this class.

Learning, Expanding, and Healing Retreats

After several years of teaching classes on Animal Communication and many areas of offering animal wisdom, Terri was asked by her students to offer a weekend retreat. This was first held in September 2008 in the beautiful mountains of Estes Park, Colorado. It was a big success and that fun weekend launched into more retreats. Terri now custom designs retreats each year.

Announcing in 2012: The retreats are now open to EVERYONE. You do not have to be a student of Terri's classes to attend, unless specifically noted next to certain retreats.

Contact Terri to be on the waiting list for future retreats.

Terri will travel to places that wish to sponsor any of the above workshops. A minimum number of participants is required. Fees for classes vary according to location. Call 1-800-515-9064 for details.